Nduom’s Veep rallies Voltarians to vote out NDC

brigitte dzogbenuku

The running mate to Dr Papa Kwesi Nduom in the 2016 election Ms Brigitte Dzogbenuku is rallying all the people in the Volta region to massively vote the National Democratic Congress (NDC) out of power.

According to the Vice Presidential Nominee, the NDC government has neglected the region for far too long so it is about time the people get angry and take their destinies into their own hands by voting out the NDC come this December 7th elections.

To her, it is only a Progressive People’s Party (PPP) government headed by Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom that can bring about a real change in their lives so they should make the switch and vote massively for a PPP government this time around.

‘’Often NDC calls the Volta as their world bank of votes but do you feel valued, if you truly are their world bank they will value your support for them and also give you something in return. As we sit here ask yourself, how has your vote for the NDC benefitted you and your families?’’ she quizzed.

Ms Brigitte Dzogbenuku was in Galo Sota in the Anlo constituency of the Volta region to help launch the parliamentary candidature of Francis Tamakloe seeking to go to parliament on the ticket of PPP.

‘’As the elections approach, I ask you to support Dr Papa Kwesi Nduom and the PPP, we are the party with a demonstrable track record in job creation and good policies to transform Ghana with pragmatic and competent leadership.’’

For his part, the PPP candidate for the Anlo constituency, Francis Tamakloe, urged the people of Anlo constituency to reject the sitting member of parliament Clement Kofi Humado who in his own estimation has failed miserably.

‘’I am pleading with to critically examine  Clement Humado who has been our MP so so long, what has he done for the good people of Anlo, I am urging you to vote for change, change you can experience and feel in your pockets and lives. Let us reject the NDC for them have taken us for granted for far too long’’.

Ms Dzogbenuku made a whistle stop in Tebi Azumbgo a suburb of Keta to preach the PPP’s message of job creation and free compulsory basic education to the people. The crowd gathered were very elated that Dr Papa Kwesi Nduom looked to the Volta region when he needed someone competent for an all inclusive government that will eliminate the acrimonious winner takes all politics.

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One thought on “Nduom’s Veep rallies Voltarians to vote out NDC

  1. President and Vice are very very good materials.
    Vice President tell us VOLTERIANS what actually you will do for the Region to clean our long standing tears.
    Contact me by my mail and I will give you few points Lukusieo.

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