Party Structure


NATIONAL COMMITTEE (NC)– The National Committee is the body that is charged with the management of the party. All important decisions of the party are taken by the NC. The only body of the party which has more powers than the National Committee is the National Convention when properly constituted.  The National Committee is constituted by members of the National Executive Committee, All regional Chairmen, Regional Representatives, and Members of the Council of Elders. It meets once in a month to review party performance and offer direction as to how the party must move.

NATIONAL EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE – The NEC is made up of all National Executives of the Party. The PPP currently has 13 National Executives and these executives constitute the NEC.  The NEC principally is responsible for implimenting NC decisions as well as the day to day administration of the party. The NEC reports to NC and takes further policy directions from the NC when the need arises.


REGIONAL EXECUTIVES COMMITTEES – The regional Executive committee is the meeting of all regional Executives as well as Constituency Chairmen. This body is responsible for the management of their individual regions. Ghana currently has 10 regions.

Constituency Executives Committees – Made up of all constituency executive members as well as the polling.

Polling Station Executive – Responsible for their polling stations.


NATIONAL CONVENTION – the PPPs’ National Convention is properly constituted when members of the National Committee, Regional Committee and at least 4 other members of each constituency have come together in one place. This is the highest decision making body of the party and is required under the parties constitution to meet at least once in a year. The National Committee however has power to call off the convention in any given year if there is no urgent matter to be discussed and if it has good reasons to do so.


Youth –

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