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24TH August, 2020

A fact-finding mission by our research team, has revealed a blatant lie told by Dr. Bawumiah during his town Hall meeting some few days ago on infrastructure projects the ruling government has purportedly done so far.

One particular shameless untruth Dr Bawumiah told which we find troubling, had to do with a urinal Dr. Nduom and the PPP Parliamentary Candidate for Ho West, Mr Joshua Akuttey built in the Tsitso market, during the 2016 elections.

It is mind boggling that a project which was built by members of the PPP in the Ho West Constituency, has suddenly found its way into list of projects the NPP is counting, trumpeting and celebrating as executed by the Ho West District Assembly.

We are wondering if funds for the construction of a new urinal was approved and the DCE misappropriated it; hence, the air of overbearing self-confidence in stealing a well-known PPP project.

We remain wide awake to bring you more of such exposures as our research directorate intensifies it fact checking activity. Let us all work hard to remove this dubious public relations run by this NPP government.


Sakre Benjamin

Ho West PPP Constituency Chairman




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