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24th April, 2020

The National Committee of the Progressive People’s Party has decided that nominations for National Officers elections remains opened until Friday 15th May 2020.

Per our constitution, the following positions are to be elected by Party members.
1st Vice chair
2nd Vice Chair
3rd Vice Chair
National Secretary
National Treasurer

Interested candidates are encouraged to pick a form at a cost of GHC 100 and submit same not later than Friday 15th May, 2020.

Filing Fee is GHC 3,000 for Chairman and GHC 2,000 for all other positions. Female aspirants are entitled to 50% discount on filing fees.

Payments for filing fee shall be done by cheque payable to Progressive People’s Party or paid by MOMO to MOMO pay code 600969 or a direct transfer to 0249244065.

Persons interested in serving in the non elected positions shall also apply to the National committee with a filling fee of Ghc 2,000.

Those positions are as follows.

1. Communication Director
2. Director of Research
3. Director of Policy
4. Women Coordinator
5. Youth Coordinator
6. Director of Operations

Any interested candidate may contact the Executive Director for the forms through any of the following channels.
WhatsApp: 0501545049
Email: pppghanaoffice@gmail.com

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