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It is announced that persons who wish to contest for any Regional Executive Position in the PPP should abide by the rules below.

Filling Fees for Nomination forms shall be as follows.

  1. Chairman                 GHC 250
  2. Vice (All of them)   GHC 200
  3. Secretary                  GHC 200
  4. Assistant                   GHC 150
  5. Treasurer                  GHC 200
  6. Organiser                  GHC 150
  7. Assistant                    GHC 150
  8. Youth Organiser      GHC 150
  9. Assistant                    GHC 150
  10. Women Organiser    GHC 150
  11. Assistant                     GHC 150
  12. Education Officer     GHC 150

Potential candidates can download forms from here and pay the required amount into the PPP Bank Account at GN Bank. (0110052312500). Or they can pick the form from the regional office and pay at the regional office. All prospective candidates shall abide by the deadlines set by their regional executives.

Election dates shall be the dates set by the Regional Executives of the party.

AWAKE: Please download from link below.

Nomination Forms – Regional

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