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Constituency Update – Juaboso and Dome Kwabenya – 16th July, 2018

Dome Kwabenya Executives and members led by their Chairman Reynolds Archer organised a clean-up exercise in Abokobi to clear filth and blocked water ways in their constituency. They used the opportunity to educate members of the public to avoid filth and live healthy.

Meanwhile, in the Western region, members of the Juaboso Constituency led by Mr. Arhin took a 17 mile walk to keep fit before holding a meeting to talk about health.


As you can see, it is these little activities that make the party interesting and active on the ground. We commend the two Chairmen and their members for a Job well done and ask them to even do more.

Both Chairmen appealed to PPP lovers to support their constituencies with logistics such as wheelbarrow, shovels, a pick up vehicle and motor bikes. These logistics will help them organise the base very well so that PPP can win votes in the next elections.

Well. We think they deserve it. You may support such activities by donating to the PPP through any of the following means.

You can donate any amount on GN Mobile Money by dialling *712#

Select option 3 (bill Payment)

Select option 3 again (general Payments)

Enter the amount you want to donate

Enter 1111 as the bill code

Enter PPP number which is 0560771377.

There is NO transfer charges when you follow this process.

Or Call us on 030 – 3976622 / 0501545049 for other payment options.


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