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The National Committee of the Progressive People’s Party hereby directs Constituencies that have completed their constituency elections to open nomination now for Parliamentary aspirants to pick up forms to contest to become Parliamentary Candidates of the Party by September.

This directive is to enable our Parliamentary candidates have ample time – 2-years – to campaign to win their parliamentary seats across the country.

Any Card Bearing member who has paid dues to the Constituency for the past 24 months and has also been active in party activities is eligible.

A person who has not paid his dues to the constituency but has been active can be allowed to pick forms but will be eligible to contest after all arrears have been paid to the Constituency.

The fee for picking a Form shall be GhC100 which must be paid into the PPP National Account and the receipt presented to the any of the following persons in order to validly receive a form.
a. Incumbent Constituency Chairman or his appointed person
b. Regional Administrator

Name: Progressive Peoples Party
Bank: GN Bank
Number: 0110052312500

All Card bearing members in a Constituency who have paid dues to the Constituency for the past 12 months shall have the right to vote to elect a Parliamentary Candidate for the Constituency.

The rest of constituencies yet to complete their elections are also urged to hasten the process to aid the party’s chances of winning elections in 2020.

Constituencies with challenges regarding their elections are to contact the Executive Director, the Operations Director, or other National Officers (in that order) for quick solutions.

Aspiring Parliamentary Candidates for the 2020 general elections are therefore urged to begin public spirited activities now to boast their chances of winning.

Issued on 24th May, 2018

Murtala A. Mohammed
National Secretary


Download Parliamentary Nomination forms below

Download “Nomination-Forms-Parliamentary.pdf” Nomination-Forms-Parliamentary.pdf – Downloaded 1133 times – 596 KB

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