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AU, ECOWAS must intervene to prevent civil war in Togo – Africa Liberal Youth

The Africa Liberal Youth is appealing to the Leadership of the African Union, Heads of States of the ECOWAS and the International Community to intervene to help avoid possible escalation of the violent clashes in Togo, restore the constitutional rule in Togo as well as getting President Faure Gnassingbe (who is currently the chairman of ECOWAS) and his government to establish dialogue with protesters and opposition parties to save lives and properties to avoid a repeat of the violence that ensued after his first election victory in 2005 which led to over four hundred deaths, displacement of thousands of people and arrest of several opposition party members.

On Saturday 19th August 2017, the Pan African National Party (PNP) an opposition party in Togo, simultaneously held a series of demonstrations in Accra, Libreville, New York, Berlin and Lome where it turned deadly leading to seven possible deaths and arrest of some security forces on Saturday demanding the reinstatement of the 1992 constitution that limits the term limit of the president as well as ending what he termed the ‘Gnassingbe dynasty’ which has ruled Togo for over 50 years according to Tikpi Atchadam, the leader of the PNP Party.

After succeeding his father, Gnassingbe Eyadema in 2005 who ruled Togo for 38 years under dictatorship, Togo returned to constitutional rule under the 1992 Constitution of Togo which stipulates a two five-year term limit for a president. This constitution was, however, set aside by a one-sided parliament for Faure Gnassingbe to continue his third term bid in 2015. A status-quo Tikpi Atchadam describes as the ‘ruling Gnassingbe family dynasty’.

The Africa Liberal Youth (ALY) also appeals to the protesters and opposition parties in Togo to be modest in their approach as they seek to avoid a possible third time constitutional breached in favour of the Gnassingbe family.

The ALY will continue to work tirelessly for the promotion of liberal values on the continent in order to achieve a better future for all Africans, based on the rule of law, freedom of expression and the entrenchment of human rights.



Emmanuel Osei

West Africa Coordinator

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