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What is the benefit of history if it does not offer positive direction?

The Progressive People’s Party will like to advise the President to focus on solving the unemployment situation in Ghana and stop meddling in the trappings of history. The Speaker of Parliament Prof. Mike Oquaye on August 4, 2017 started a debate on a controversial subject matter of ‘FOUNDER’(S) and this subject engulfed the whole nation.

This old trick of holding Ghanaians prisoners of history while ruling governments milk our state with impunity will no longer be tolerated. There are currently more pressing issues of National interest such as the guinea worm saga, the implementation of the free SHS, National Identification System, Election of MMDCE and recently Electoral Commission saga among others.

These two political parties (NDC & NPP) have used this trick over the years to keep the sharp schism that existed prior to independence and after independence to keep the Ghanaian people to continue voting for them to be in power. This schism cut across tribal and religious divides with ideological undertones, making it difficult for the average Ghanaian voter to change their minds.

We urge Ghanaians to read in between the lines and move away from such historic debates whose main aim is to outdo opponents. The purpose of history is to learn from good experiences and avoid past mistakes. What is the benefit of history if it doesn’t offer positive direction? The History of Ghana is important but if it will result in widening the schism that we enjoy, then we don’t need it.

President Akufo Addo must concentrate on providing free and quality education, good health care facilities and more importantly create jobs for the teeming unemployed youth of this country.

Murtala Mohammed
National Secretary

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