PPP launches 2016 campaign in Obuasi East and West

PPP obuasi campaign launch

Progressive People’s Party (PPP) has launched its presidential and parliamentary campaign in the Obuasi East and West Constituencies of the Ashanti Region with a call on the people of Obuasi to change the status quo.

Party members and faithful(s) from various areas of the two constituencies thronged the mini-rally ground to affirm their support for the party’s aspirants in the Obuasi East and West Constituencies- Mr. Frank Abogye Danyansah and Miss Afua Ansaa Asiedu- respectively.

The massive support from various groups in the Obuasi area including traders’ associations, religious and traditional leaders and small scale miners at the rally ground attested to the call for change from the people not only for the parliamentary representatives but also at the presidency.

Other people who could not leave their homes and shops were spotted wearing PPP branded T’ shirts and other paraphernalia of the party, showing their admiration for the PPP, which is most likely to translate into votes for the party, come December 7.

In the Obuasi East Constituency, the PPP parliamentary aspirant for the area, Frank Aboagye Danyansah, reiterated his call for true leadership for the area which he stressed, could be found in him.

PPP 2016 obuasi campaign launch

Mr. Danyansah said when voted to represent the people of Obuasi East in Parliament, he will focus on human development and progressive leadership to create job opportunities and tackle the protracted unemployment problem in the area.

The people of Obuasi East, he pointed out, deserve more than they are getting now as the Obuasi community is well known for its enormous riches due to the mining of gold.

However, due to poor leadership over the years, the area has been reduced to nothing, leaving them with abject poverty.

“But I assure you that a vote for Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom and Frank Aboagye Danyansah will [totally] transform Obuasi East to the status it was supposed to be many years ago,” he yelled confidently.

His colleague aspiring parliamentary candidate in the Obuasi West Constituency, Afia Ansaa Asiedu, also expressed regret that the Obuasi she knew many years ago was not the one she was seeing now, pointing out that “Obuasi needs leaders who really care about us.”

She was particularly worried that most traders were losing their trade capital as business was fast declining in the Obuasi township.

“Now our women are crying in the market everyday that business is slow: this is because the government of the day has not been able to create an enabling environment for businesses to grow, but a PPP government will help businesses to flourish,” she assured.

According to Miss Ansaa Asiedu, she is ready to give the people of Obuasi West the motherly leadership care they have not received in a long while explaining that “I am going to serve you and not rule you if I go into Parliament.”

For his part, standard bearer of the PPP, Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom, addressing the people said the time has come for Ghanaians to show politicians that they cannot be taken for granted any more.

He urged them to vote for people who have proven to be efficient and competent and not just for the fact that “I was born into this party or he is a member of my party.”

Dr. Nduom said even though Obuasi and Johannesburg in South Africa were on the same scale, while the latter has witnessed great development, the former has rather retrogressed.

“A PPP government will see to the development of Obuasi by doing a lot of things as the aspirants have said including building a gold refinery here for the youth to get jobs,” Dr. Nduom averred.


Source: Ghana/ Appiakorang Jnr.

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