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President Mahama, Stop abusing your Power Over Our Fanti Chiefs.


President Mahama, Stop abusing your Power Over Our Fanti Chiefs.

I have recently read that the Oguaa Traditional Area have lifted the ban on noise making early inorder to make room for the NDC to hold their campaign launch in Cape Coast. Nana Kwame Edu VI, Twifohen of the Oguaa traditional area said Nananom were approached by executives of the National Democratic Congress requesting to hold their campaign launch in Cape Coast.

Nana Kwame Edu VI, stated further that the ban on noise making will be lifted on the 12th of August, six clear days before the earlier scheduled date of 18th August.

I am praying that this article is one of those satiric write ups.  It can’t be true that the original source of authorities, Nananom, have broken the very law they wish for us to follow.  My entire life, I have fought for a progressive tradition.  In Effutu, it is tradition that fisher folks do not go to sea on Tuesdays.  There are many reasons adduced to this from the Sea Gods directive to maintaining of the ecological system of the people.  The people in Effutu who ply their trade on the ocean, adhere to this cultural belief. It is a belief which is based on sound principals.  You can’t reap the benefits of the sea and not give it time to regenerate itself.  Eventually, when you go to the sea to fish, there will be no fishes to fish.  Reason prevails that we, human beings, give the sea a break for regeneration of the marine species.

Government has not done well in protecting our territorial sea boundaries against Predators from Foreign Countries to engage in pair trolling to catch fishes which by law should to left to grow. Destroying fingerlings is to destroy the livelihood of fisher folks from Volta Region to Western Region which has over two hundred and twelve (212) landing bays in between.  In Effutu and other fishing communities, Fisher folks are having a difficult time plying their trade due to this factor. They don’t catch fish when they go out to sea. They adhere to good ecological practices but are unduly being competed against on their own territorial bodies.  We will dig deeper on this issue in another write up but let me get back to the core of the write up.

The Ga traditional council believes that disrespect for cultural norms such as the ban on noise-making is responsible for a series of calamities that have befallen the capital, Accra.

Acting President of the Council, Nii Dodoo Tackie in 2015 claimed the flouting of the ban …… angered the gods who exacted a harsh punishment on the capital on June 3, 2015. Nearly 160 people died a flood and fire disaster that day.

The disrespect for Progressive Culture can have catastrophic effect on its people.  Although the above statement can be contentious, it can be viewed from the following perspective as well.  Usually before festivals along the coastal communities, there’s a ban on noise making.  There seem to be a positive correlation between a bountiful catch (fishes) after the lift of the ban on noise.

Culture and Tradition must have the ability to deal with problems and complexities as they arise.  I agree with Professor Kwame Gyekye on this point.  I ask therefore, is an NDC campaign worth changing a cultural practice which has not been negative in terms of its impact on the lives of a people?

The Fetu Afahye Festival is not only meant for merry making but has a relationship to the lives of the fisher folks in Oguaa Traditional area. It starts the season of prosperous economic activity on the seas.  The more fish you catch, the more sales you make, the more sales you make, the more money in the pocket of Fisherfolks.  Last year, the Fishery communities experienced a 0.04% growth.  Should we not be encouraging good practices that will see a rebound in the fishing communities in Ghana?

The Traditional Authorities in my opinion have erred in amending directives to its citizens to make room for a political activity.  I think that it is sad for the Chiefs of Oguaa to take this decision. It should be reversed immediately.

As a Fanti, I say the following with a very heavy heart.  Let me phrase it in a form of a question.  Will President Mahama dare ask Ashanti Hene Otumfuor Osei Tutu II to postpone a cultural practice or festival of his people to launch a Political Campaign? Oh my Fanti Chiefs, rise up, stand firm and tall so we too can be a proud people.  Remember what just happened to the immediate past Major of Kumasi when he dared to go against the directives of the Ashanti Chiefs.

President Mahama, Stop abusing your Power Over Our Fanti Chiefs.


Nana Ofori Owusu

PPP Director, Operation

PPP Candidate for the Effutu Constituency


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  1. Awake! Awake!! Awake!!! fellow Ghanaians. Dr Ndoum is capable of governing These country Lets give him the mandate. Don’t think if you vote for him he will not win as people always say, if you vote, l vote and another person also vote we can win. Always remember little Drop of water makes a mighty ocean. Also remember That it takes 50% + 1 Vote to win so we have the 50% add your one vote. Awake!!!! ¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”!!¡¡¡¡¡!

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