5 thoughts on “PPP 2016 Manifesto

  1. I love the manifesto of the ppp. But I think the campaign is not being intensive. Expecially to the rural areas. We are truly behind the ppp.

  2. The right person for mother Ghana is PPP do not say the party has no support use along can make a difference so come out in your numbers and race mother Ghana up for more jobs and development. You do not have to be a Governor before you create jobs with the PPP jobs are already created so what more do you need PPP is aimed at bring more then what the Ghanaians need’s he is a MAN of vision.we have seen the works of promises so let vote for change and let PPP take control.

  3. Am glad to be solidly behind the PPP and pray all Ghanaian eligible voters will waste no time in casting their votes for not any other but DR. PAPA KWESI NDUOM for jobs and transformation. PPP all the way…………

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