Meet Brigitte Dzogbenuku, the PPP Presidential running mate

ppp Brigitte dzobgenuku

Brigitte Dzogbenuku is the Founder and Executive Director of Mentoring Women Ghana (MWG), which runs programs that inspire and empower young women and girls into making a positive difference in their communities. She won the Fortune/Goldman Sachs Women’s Leadership Award in 2008. Prior to her work at MWG she was General Manager of Aviation Social Centre, a fitness and recreational center in Accra, where she introduced various innovative fitness programs and events into this niche industry in Ghana. In 2011, she founded Recreational Facilities Management, which became Helm Management Services. In this role, she managed the Barclays Bank Club House for four years, until September 2015. She has also established Ve Flavour Industries, an edible palm-oil production and packaging for-profit company that works with women in the Volta region of Ghana, contributing to their socioeconomic empowerment. Brigitte is driven by the Ghanaian woman’s strong will to succeed no matter the odds and has a dream of seeing women in key leadership roles in Ghana.

Mentoring Women Ghana (MWG) is an NGO established in Ghana in 2009 with the aim of supporting the personal growth of young women through mentoring by more mature and accomplished women. Through sports programs, professional interaction, and personal development programs, mentors inspire young women and help them achieve leadership qualities, career direction, and personal and social development through which they can positively impact their immediate communities and beyond. MWG’s vision is a community of empowered women who are contributing to the development of their communities and positively impacting lives of others. MWG has been the flag-bearer of the international Global Mentoring Walk for the past eight years and had mentored more than 320 young women as of 2016.

She gives presentations on etiquette and manners, andalso exercise and wellness to various groups and organisations with emphasis on the youth, and is a Coach for the Ghanaian Women’s Social Leadership Program – a Muheres Por Africa (Women for Africa) program run through the New York University’s Wagner Institute. She is also a certified Empowerment Trainer and also serves on the Board of Enactus, Ghana.

This fun-loving mother of one enjoys entertaining and having friends and family in her home. She loves her sports especially tennis, and plays not to win but essentially to have fun, for fitness.

Brigitte holds a BA in Modern Languages from the University of Ghana, Legon.

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