PPP against release of Montie 3



Progressive People’s Party (PPP) has expressed shock at the calls on President John Dramani Mahama  by some leading members of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) to trigger Article 72 of the 1992 Constitution.

for the release of the Montie FM contemnors.

“There have been calls by some government appointees seeking for Presidential pardon for the Montie FM trio.

While individual preferences and viewpoints must be allowed for diversity, the views of the Chairman of the NDC, Minister of Education, Minister of Gender and Social Protection, and the Ga Traditional Council are really shocking”, PPP in a statement signed by its Second Vice Chairperson, Ms. Berlinda Bulley, said.

It noted that being imprisoned though was unfortunate an act of indiscipline seriously must be punished.

The statement wondered why all those who are now demanding the release of the  Montie 3 did not  first condemn this unfortunate act.

“In fact, they pretended not to know of it.  And now the public is being misinformed to think that it is an attempt to curtail press freedom. Really?  Has any radio station or radio program been shut down after this event,” she asked?

The statement could not understand why such words used on radio should be allowed to go unpunished.

In this regard, the statement asked:  “When should we start instilling discipline? Which form should it take? Who should we start with? Where should we start from?

Should we resign ourselves and accept it as “normal”?

The statement added: “Isn’t the minister of education supposed to ensure that we are taught discipline as part of our curricular and in fact become a disciplined society?

Isn’t the minister of gender and social protection supposed to really ensure social protection, with women clearly as priority?

Shouldn’t the chairman of a political party be a major advocate for discipline in our dear country”?

Instead, it called on Traditional Council to ensure discipline and sanity in our environs.

Meanwhile, the statement claims that those who had signed the not so famous petition book might have done that under duress.

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