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DVLA corruption scandal: Chief Executive and perpetrators must face full rigors of the law

DV5G3768The Progressive People’s Party is saddened by the unfortunate corruption scandal in the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA). Investigations conducted by EOCO have revealed that there has been massive embezzlement of funds at DVLA. We are dumb stricken by the inability of Mr. Amegashie a former Chief Executive of DVLA to explain how the sum of a contract he signed with Foto -X jumped from $3.6million to $9.9 million. Instead he pleaded with Ghanaians for forgiveness. This is outlandish and absolutely unacceptable. Could it be a clear case of create, loot and share? Or a case of fatal negligence?

The original contract signed between DVLA and Foto-X in 2006 to procure project vehicles, train DVLA staff and refurbish all DVLA offices in the country ended in 2012. The DVLA under the watch of Mr. Amegashie renewed the contract and allegedly blew up the contract sum from $3.6 million to $9.9 million. Could the unprecedented upward surge in the amount occurred as a result of typographical error? Or an oversight?

We wish to state that the addition of $6.3 million was not mysterious but was deliberately orchestrated, as it took the effort of a whistle blower and the investigative prowess of EOCO to reveal this abhorrent act. It also alleged that the contract was awarded by sole-sourcing without recourse to competitive bidding. This should not happen in a country where the procurement law states clearly the processes and procedures regarding the award of such crucial contract.

DV5G0363As forerunners of incorruptible leadership and corruption free society we request that Mr. Amegashie must be prosecuted and be made to account for every pesewa lost under his watch. This is tax payers’ money and it is money from the toil of innocent Ghanaians which must be accounted for. The DVLA should also be thoroughly investigated and anybody found culpable must be made to face the full rigors of the law.

The Progressive People’s Party will follow this matter to its logical conclusion. We will keep track of events and make sure Government does the right thing by bringing those who are involved in this corruption scandal to book.

This is a clear case for the president of Ghana to show his commitment to the fight against corruption. The Attorney-General should not re-enforce the practice of refusing to prosecute government officials and chief executives.

Patrick Armah

Press Secretary


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