Politics is a public service, not a profession – Nduom

Founder and leader of the Progressive People’s Party (PPP), Dr Papa Kwesi Nduom has rebuked politicians who have built their lives solely on politics and do not have any career to show.

According to him, such people do nothing but to kill people’s enterprises, efforts and initiatives which in the long term would affect the prospects of Ghana.
Describing them as “career and professional politicians”, Dr Nduom noted that, politics should not be an exclusive profession as people engaged in politics do so to serve their country and not a means to amass wealth.

According to him, “There are those who have been career politicians all the way from school. They’ve never done any real job other than politics. It’s bad. In life, you must learn a profession and politics is not a profession. It is a public service. You go to serve your country. You go not to go there and get your furniture, car or house; you go there to serve because you’ve got something to offer.”

He said “career and professional politicians” are those who constantly engage with  political parties and do whatever it is to get to power .

Dr Nduom made these pronouncements in an interview on Citi FM Tuesday morning.
He was responding to a question on why he did not join the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) upon his return to Ghana in 1996 although he seemed to have had an allegiance with the party while he was abroad.

However, Mr Nduom noted that “If you want peace of mind you must engage constantly where ever you are to ensure that the right people gain power that the right people are in positions of authority. So that they will do the proper things for the people.”

Sounding a word of caution to “career and professional politicians”, Dr Nduom said, “…politics is a temporary thing. It will end and so when you go into government you should know that the term will end. And when the term ends, you must have something to go back to.”

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