Nomination Forms – Constituency Elections

Rules on Elections – 2018
Constituency Elections

1. Any Card Bearing member who is in good standing is qualified to contest an election.
2. Good Standing means a person who has paid his dues for the past 24 months and also been
active in the party in his constituency.
3. A person who has not paid his dues but has been active can be allowed to contest after he has
paid all his arrears.

The filling fees for the elections shall be as follows.
1. Chairman – GHC 100
2. Vice, Secretary, Treasurer – GHC 75
3. All other positions – GHC 50
4. Filling fees must be paid into the PPP National Account and the receipt presented to the any
of the following persons in order to validly file a form.
a. Incumbent Constituency Chairman or his appointed person
b. Regional Administrator

Name: Progressive Peoples Party
Bank: GN Bank
Number: 0110052312500

When the required positions has been filed, the constituency shall write to the District Electoral
Commissioner for a date for the elections.
Upon receiving the date, they shall write and inform the Regional Chairman who immediately shall
request for funds from the National Office for that election.
The request for funds must state the Account number for the constituency in question.
Where the constituency does not have an account, the funds shall be paid into the Regional Account

All Card bearing members of the Constituency shall have th right to vote in the election.
The Voter register for the election shall be the one certified by the Head Office as the known card
bearing members in the Constituency.
Where new member have been registered and not sent to head office, the Constituency shall send this
new list to the Head office at least 3 weeks before the date for election in order for them to be eligible
to be added to the register to vote.

Upon the completion of the election, the regional Secretary and Administrator shall send the list of
newly elected officers containing their names, Position and phone numbers to the head office for
immediate computation into the PPP Database.

Issued on 30th March, 2018

Murtala A. Mohammed
National Secretary

Download Nomination forms here

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