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The PPP seeks political power to implement an agenda for change built on the four pillars of Stewardship, Education, Healthcare and Jobs. We will implement the agenda using the spirit of inclusiveness, full participation of women and the youth; and above all a leadership that is incorruptible.

The formation of the PPP followed a declaration made on 28th December 2011 by Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom for progressive and independent-minded people to rise and cause to be formed an alternative political movement to compete for political power for a major transformation of the Ghanaian society.

The interim leadership of the progressive movement began a nationwide campaign to recruit members to form Interim Regional and Constituency Executives. The team visited all the ten regions of Ghana.

In January 2012 the party submitted an application to the Electoral Commission (EC) for registration in accordance with the Political Parties Act. It is instructive to note that, after the receipt of the official registration forms from the Electoral Commission, we were able to complete and submit the forms to the EC within 48hours.

The party received its provisional certificate on Friday 3rd February 2012. The PPP convened its first National Convention on 25th February 2012 at the Accra Sports Stadium. The final certificate was received on Thursday 15th March, 2012 from the Electoral Commission of Ghana. The national head office building is located at Asylum Down, Accra

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1. Return power to the people for all Ghanaians to directly elect their district, municipal and metropolitan chief executives without any interference from the President and cancel government appointees into the District Assemblies;
2. Prohibit Members of Parliament from being appointed as Ministers of State or MPs must resign from parliament after their ministerial appointment;
3. Strengthen the office of Attorney-General by separating it from the Ministry of Justice;
4. Introduce a Public Declaration of Assets Regime; and
5. Clarify the eligibility of Ghanaians in the Diaspora to hold Public Office

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End the Brutalities and Have Respect for the Fundamental Rights of Journalists and Citizens

The Progressive People’s Party (PPP) is worried about the incessant brutalities the Police and some members from the National Security met out to innocent citizens in this country especially on journalist. More worrying is the recent Rambo style arrest and alleged torture of CITI FM Journalist Caleb Kuda and Zoe at the premises of Citi […]

The PPP has proposed and will continue to advocate for an effective legislature that is able to effectively check the executive and get Ghana fixed.  We the citizens should as a matter of urgency, promote the campaign to amend the constitution to prevent the president from selecting 50% of his ministers from amongst the members of parliament.

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