PPP to sue over Electoral Reform C’ttee

The Progressive People’s Party (PPP) is threatening to place a court injunction on the work of the 10-member committee set up by the Electoral Commission (EC) to oversee electoral reforms in the country. - See more at http://www.citifmonline.com/2015/01/26/ppp-threatens-sue-ec/





The PPP embarks on Anti Corruption Demonstration to demand immediate institutional reforms that will fight corruption effectively. The  party has been calling for the :

1.    Separation of the Attorney-General's Office from the Ministry of Justice.

2.    Separation of parliament from the Executive by discontinuing the practice where Members from the Executive by discontinuing the practice where Members of parliament also double as Ministers of State.


3.    Direct and Popular election of all metropolitan, Municipal and District Chief Executives without the involvement of any President.


The PPP presents it Health Policy with emphasis on preventable diseases such cholera and malaria. The PPP believes a concerted effort at eradicating these preventable diseases will save the country million of cedis spend on drugs, increase productivity and an improvement in the lives of the people. 

The time has come for something different. The Progressive People's Party is offering Ghanaian alternative they can believe in!


This is the beginning of a brand new era in Ghanaian politics. We welcome you to register now and join the movement!