takoradi ppp mp isaac collins mensah

Takoradi constituency is made up of fish mongers, petty traders and massive unemployed youth. Each of this group has peculiar challenges that makes their livelihood burdensome and their inability to get competent leadership to help them get the right resources, training and opportunities is leading to the breading of petty thieves, arm robbers as well as all other social vices that one can think of.

This is making the constituency an unsaved place to attract good business prospects as it deserves.

Due to high level of illiteracy, my people have been blindfolded to follow bad political route which is almost turning into tradition because of unavailability of more options until the recent arriving of the Progressive Peoples Party. Which to many of us have become a political relief, since political leadership is the determinant of the success of our economy as a country.

Some of us where of no political colour, but to watch unconcerned while our constituency moves from bad to worst is somehow cruelty. As the saying goes “The only thing left for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing” but following a party with bad policies is also cruelty.

Therefore as an indigene and a hard felt native of this bad leadership throughout my youthful life right till now, I was quickened to rise up by the plight of my people to rescue them out of this incompetent leadership we are having as a constituency. And to champion this course on the ticket of the Progressive Peoples Party is a pride and an honour.

Together with my abled Constituency executives, we have devices a solid grassroots campaign messages tailored to the needs of the people in consultation which the party’s manifesto.

And I believe with massive support from the party and with our challenges ironed out for us, history will be made in Takoradi Constituency.

However, since complacency is failure, we as a constituency have decided to remain focused, fight a good fight, not resting, until we are declared winners of the November 7 upcoming election.

Long live PPP, long live Takoradi Constituency, and long live Ghana.

Thank you.