Cape Coast North



Mrs. Sarah Mary Bucknor is a humble lady born on 14th November 1954 at Breman – Asikuma in the Central Region to the Mr.&Mrs. Ampah all of blessed memory but hails from Cape Coast. She is a staunch Catholic holding leadership positions in the societies she belongs.  She had her basic education in some schools including Nkroful Boarding School because her parents were teachers and had to go along whenever they were transferred from place to place. Sarah had her secondary education at Holy Child Secondary School in Cape Coast and after completing the fifth form, she went on to Holy Child Teacher Training College in Takoradi. After seeing her children up to the University level, she also signed on to do the first degree in Human Resources Management graduating in 2012. In 2014 she went further to do an MBA in Social Entrepreneurship programme majoring in Biogas Systems. She is a loving wife to Mr. Charles Kofi Bucknor, a caring mother of three and a wonderful grandmother.

Her working life started from Elmina as a junior teacher at the Basic Education Level and working her way through to a Principal Superintendent level. After 27 years of teaching she resigned from teaching to work at the Catholic University in Fiapre for 13years and is currently working as a manager at the Nduom School of Business and Technology (Nduom University) in Elmina.

With her resourceful nature, she registered the school as a member of the UNESCO Associated Schools Project and the British Council Online Project as a teacher at the Accra Ridge Church School. This enabled some of the students to travel to Norway, U. S. Virgin Islands, Nigeria,    U. K., etc, accompanied by the teacher organiser. She organised various events to commemorate various international days, such as International Year of the Ocean, International Communication Day, and International Poetry Day. She also managed to raise some funds to set up the first internet facility in the school. Sarah also organised educational tours and camping programmes for students to different parts of the country.

Mrs. Bucknor’s hard work won her two awards for being the best Extra Curricular Activities teacher and the Best teacher for 2001 / 2002 and 2002 / 2003 academic years respectively.

She was a member of the Emancipation Day Committee from 2001 to 2008 and infused a lot of ideas into the celebration. Some of these ideas were educating the basic cycle students to know the history of Slavery and getting them to do “What Do You Know”, a popular television programme on GTV, setting up museums in different places in the country. With this UNESCO contracted her to do a Slavery Museum at the Ussher Fort in Accra.

Sarah Bucknor believes strongly in the golden rule, “Do unto others as you would want it done unto you”. This makes her pay particular attention to the problems and needs of other people particularly the under privileged and marginalized.  It is upon this, that she took the first decision in 2012 to represent her people in the Cape Coast North in Parliament, but though things did not work out she was able to construct a big Community Center at Efutu Mampong with the help of her Flagbearer, Dr, Papa Kwesi Nduom. However, she is determined to make it in this year’s elections.

With the low standards of education and the high poverty level in the Cape Coast Metropolis, Mrs. Bucknor is concerned about the wellbeing and development of others and is determined to give the youth who were not fortunate to have formal education with some skills training.

Her compassionate and generous nature has again led her to assist over 800 people of Cape Coast North with their various trades; about 300 unskilled have been trained to acquire some skills and has attained jobs for about 40 people. With what she has been able to do, when she gets to Parliament, she will lobby from different angles to get some developmental projects for the individual communities within the constituency, be able to construct some Learning Centers since there is no Library in the whole of my constituency. Since Sarah is going to be their spokesperson in Parliament, she will protect the interest of her constituents in laws that would be set. The four pillars she will be working on are Stewardship, Education, Jobs and Health. As she is already encouraging parents to send their children to school, this approach will be intensified in order to get a greater number of people gaining formal education.