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Awini Paul Mbilla is the third born of Mr. and Mrs. Awini Emmanuel Akama. This family leaves in Kuka, a suburb of Bawku. Paul, a Kusasi by tribe speaks various dialects such as Mosie, Hausa, English and Twi. The said Awini Family is popularly known by everybody for the political stand they have in Bawku. Late Mr. Emmanuel was once the parliamentary candidate of PNC in the 1996 elections and pulled a massive support of the electorates and finally came third in the election. He left this legacy for his children of which Paul is part. Mr. Paul Awini was born on 21st
October 1984 in Bawku. He lived and worked here since then. He is the backbone of his family (extended as well as nuclear). Paul is married with three children and stays solidly with the extended family as well.
Mr. Paul had his education at St. Anthony’s Junior Secondary School in Bawku and later got admission into Bolgatanga Technical Institute where he studied Engineering. Then he offered his X-ray technical assistance course at Tamale Teaching Hospital. This course got him the Job he currently does at Bawku Presbyterian Hospital–X-ray technical assistant.
Paul joined Progressive People’s Party as a member in 2012 and was seen visibly arguing severally with other political party flogs for his party. He stood as a polling agent on Election Day at Megogo Polling station where he is a voter himself. His vision for the party got him the nickname “ajumawura” among his friends.
Due to his influence in the party and the communities as a whole, there was no resistance when he came out to file as the parliamentary aspirant for the Progressive People’s Party. Nobody wished to compete him because he–Paul–is the love of the people. Even before the filing process was completed, a lot of people from other political parties throng his house to support him.
Mr. Paul is easy going, simple and focused in his work. To him, the party in Bawku will get its first parliamentary candidate, all things being equal. He goes by the message,“JOBS IN REALITY NOT IN WORDS” and the response is
This is Awini Paul Mbilla, the parliamentary candidate for Progressive People’s Party, 2016 for Bawku