Asuogyaman PPP candidate michael nkansah

Michael Nkansah is the 2016 Progressive Peoples Party (P.P.P) Parliamentary Candidate, Asuogyaman Constituency. He is an independent-minded leader with an even-keel temperament. He is charismatic and has a knack for consensus-building.

He was born on May 14, 1977 in Amankwakrom, Afram Plains. He holds a Master of Public Administration Degree in local government and development from Lyceum North Western University, Philippines.

Michael worked as the District Project coordinator of Asuogyaman District Assembly in 2010. He was a Clerk to the Assistant Registrar of the University of Ghana Alumni office, and a Lecturer at the International Baptist University, Philippines.

In 2015, he authored his first book “the APOLOGETIC”, Contending for the Christian Faith, a book which discusses the authenticity of the BIBLE.

Michael wants to change the living standard of the people of Asuogyaman Constituency. He will ensure the environment is clean and free from preventable diseases such as malaria, cholera and guinea worm.