Amenfi West


Amenfi West PPP parliamentary candidate ABRAHAM KOJO BUADEE

Abraham Kojo Buadee is the 2016 PPP Parliament candidate for Amenfi West constituency. He was born on January 7, 1974 in Asankrangwa in the Western Region of Ghana.

He is a marketer by profession, and has worked in the banking sector for over 10 years. He holds two Master degrees in General Management and Marketing from the university of cape coast, Ghana, and the University of Salford UK respectively.

He has worked with rural folks as a banker in Amenfi West and Amansie West constituencies. He has in depth knowledge in rural development. His decision to enter into politics was informed by his passion for development. He contested on the ticket of the PPP during the Amenfi West Constituency bye-election and made massive impact. He has positioned himself as a viable alternative to the incumbent, and he is confident his agenda for development will help him win the Amenfi West seat.

He wants the opportunity to change the living conditions of the people of Amenfi West by creating the avenue for them to have employment, and access to good health care and quality education.