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The PPPNA is the North American arm of the Progressive People's Party, tasked with helping the PPP acheive its goal of influencing public policy through contesting and winning elections in Ghana.

The PPPNA is in the process of forming chapters in various cities throughout North America. Contact information for the National Executive officers and existing chapters can be found below. Anyone interested in forming a new chapter can receive additional information by contacting the National Executive via


National Offices:

1.      National Executives (Board of Directors):

2.      General Secretary:

3.      National Treasurer:

4.      National Youth Coordinators:

5.      National Women Coordinator:  

6.      Media/Communication:


Regional Chapter Offices:

1.      Toronto Coordinator:

2.      Ottawa Coordinator:

3.      Virginia Coordinators:

4.      Chicago Coordinators:

5.      DC Cordinator:

6.      Massachusetts Cordinator:

7.      Maryland Cordinators: